Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I knock her lights out and she still shine

No matter how MUCH I love Lil Wayne, and I love him, yesh I dooo. I must admit, Young Money are a MESS! ¬_¬

Their look, I mean. Them together as ONE is A LOT. They hurt my eyes to be quite honest...You may call me EXTRA but...

Nicki Minaj - This whole Harajuku Barbie thing is ANNOYIN'. Simply because I LOVEEE Japan with all my heart and soul, I BEG Harajuku n all, they have FANTASTIC sense of style BUT Nicki has got Indian in her which is nowhere near Japanese so that frustrates me. It's like me callin' myself a Black Star when I'm CLEARLY a Super Eagle...get it!? She's HOT though.

Gudda - I mean...[sigh]

Drake - Meh! We got2 love him regardless.

The Wiz Khalifa lookin' guy, can't member his name but he is in the 'BedRock' video, the one with all the tattoos and the polaroid camera...What is he about...

But yeah anyway...WEEZY F, WE LOVE YOU BAYBEEEE. That's enough criticising.

YeaH, 'Young Money - BedRock' video came out...I LIKE IT YOU KNOOOW! Lloyd. :O ...Damn! He is [insert word closest to perfection here]

YeaH, I like the video, it's nothing fantastic but it's good, so 'Ye clearly never directed it...[Ooooooh]. iKid.


I just slyly took a break from doing my work to quickly do this post. I hate to rush it BUT I've done 400words in like 2hours which is NOT great, PLUS the book I needed I found out is on loan 'til the 17th...when my essay is due in on the 16th. PAR!

But yeah...straight to the point, the video is COOL.

Wish me luck with progression of my essay and wish me luck AGAIN with the meeting I got 2mar mornin' [which is at 9:30, so you KNOW sleep is lackin' today].

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s... @Mali_Marls is a BIG FAT POO POO STIRRER! LoooL. Lil cute bundle of joy, who woulda known of her evil and conniving ways...

P.s x2 ...She [Malz] has been christened Yemi. =)

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  1. MWahahahaha, this is just the beginning mate!!

    Lol :D xx