Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ima sucker for my ex, he comes over, next thing you know, I'm suckin' on my ex...

iWrite by Andrea Ushedo.

I'm in my Uni LRC. No I'm not doing work and NO I did not plan to be here. Basically I'm meant to be gaaan London at 09:22 BUT I missed my coach. My eyes are BURNIN' and I'm STUPID tired. My battery is DEAD, SAD! Why I may need battery life you ask!? 'Cause me mate is gonna stay over mine for z weekend SO I give him my key AND he ain't in. Where he has gone is BEYOND ME! I ain't even angry I'm just MAD tired to be honest.

I had a long night I was speakin' to my boy @ayojourno for a coupla coupla ['til me battery died, sowwe 'Yo] then I went to SLEEP!


I lay in my cousins bed thinkin'...

for AGES...

'til the sun rose, which was about 7[ish]

Then I dosed off and went to 'sleep'.

Actually 'sleep' is STILL an overstatement, I'll say, my eyelids did a snail pace type blink 'cause I was basically up by 8:20 and in the shower by half past.

Left my cousins around 9:15, started walkin' up z road to catch the coach to LDN. Got there at 9:23 THE COACH HAD GONE! WTPHUCK, the coach is meant to arrive at 9:22 why is it gone ONE minute later!? I have got this coach on NUMEROUS ocassions [twice] and [BOTH TIMES] it has been LATE! I'm not talkin' 5mins late. Ok, the coach comes every hour at 22past. I'm talkin' one time it came on the hour, so basically 38minutes late. Why, when it's FREEZIN' cold this mornin' does it wanna try and be on time and leave in a jiffy!? It's upsettin'.

But anyway, I ain't even angry, all my anger got used up last night/EARLIER this mornin' sooo I got none left 'til next year [but hopefully never]. I can't get angry for too long [over 15minutes] I've also got this CONSTANT reminder PRINTED on my fingers that never lets me stay sad.

I used to think I forgave too easily, but is there a time frame!? We just forgive. Life & Let die baby, it makes me stronger.


Do you know how many ppl I've seen walk into the LRC!? GARSH. I mean, does your brain function better at 9am on a Saturday mornin' or summink! I don't get it, there are LOADS OF PEOPLE, sleep, no, anyone!? SheesH!


YeaH so anyway I'm gaaan back to readin' my book [Sister Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey {GUYMAN AUTHOR}]/writin' my saucy poem, then I MIGHT decide to do some work before the 10:22 coach arrives but I highly doubt it, or I MIGHT decide to quickly RUN to ASDA and purchase some Wellington boots I saw in there the other day. The latter seems more realistic/the truth.

(8) ...Walk, walk, fashion baby. Work it, move that b*&%$ crazy...


x Love Life & Smile x

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