Saturday, 12 December 2009

ElfYourself - Christmas Festivity!

*** This is an explanation for the video above ***


I feel like showin' my Mummy and be like 'Mummy look what I did, look Mummy'. But Ima big girl, so I not gonna do that. ¬_¬

Na, my girl @hannarnia tweeted this website called ElfYourself, I clicked on it. MADNESS begun!

Basically you get to create an elf, as yourself, it's GREAT! Well the name kinda makes that obvious don't it. But yeah, I dunno, I'm just easily pleased. At the end you get to chose what kind of talent you have, like a hip hop dancer, singer...I chose Disco baybeee.

I'm gaaan to create another one. The greatest thing is...IT'S FREE. Well, unless you wanna like, buy a gift you've made or summink!? But seeing an elf version of myself dance to disco was ALL the joy I needed. =D

Oh, and I finished my essay today, be proud of meeeeeeeee. Whoop Whoop! Now, I'm off to design a snood for my recycle project which is due next week. SAD!

x Love Life & Smile x

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