Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SEX [no introduction]

I need an introduction. I'm squeamish, giggle a lot, QUITE very shy so I blush a lot and pretend I don't like certain things said and done to me 'cause I dunno how to react to 'em. With all this, I am easily pleased.

Anyone willing to give me an introduction to SEX!? I'm being SO serious...ANYONE!?

I'm not on about the birds and the bees, Year 8 sex ed and me mummy got all that part covered, the dangers and blah di blah...

I know the basic outline, I don't want that, if you and a boy like eachother, you may decide to have sex to show how passionate you are for on another, BRAVVV!!! I know the BASICS INNIT!

I AM quite secretive at times BUT things I personally feel EVERYBODY goes through I share, if it's TMI...I apologise. YeaH, so sexual frustration, it's been here for a while, lingerin' around and stuffsss...LoL. I CURED it one time, or swept it under the carpet, one of 'em but it wasn't there basically at one point, well it's BACK now.

FACE, I'm not even interested in it nomore [iLied] but I just don't want it [iLied again] I'M BORED OF IT [My name is Pinocchio] Ok basically, I don't wanna get it anymore incase I soon get tired of it. So if you don't wanna partake in summink you LOVE and enjoy, you got to replace it 'cause tryna get rid of it completely is just not realistic.

I've told my mates @WillOkobi and @ayojourno that I was gonna DO one guy that I liked called **S**N BUT I chickened out, he's WENG, we flirt on Twitter. [FOLLOW ME @Shadestars]

I listen to 'Trey Songz - Invented Sex' and think, YIKES!

Then I listen to 'Teedra Moses - Complex Simlicity' then I'm like, Mmmm, 4real.

THEN COMES ON 'Paramore - Pressure' then I'm like GAAAH!

SEX! I think about it probably MORE than boys, difference is, I'm not active. I'm not tryna release the inner BOSH within me or find a guy to BONE but I just wondered A LOT about people's idea on what sex is to them, if they need it or just indulge in it, are they out to please themselves or their 'partner'. I dunno...Just randomly wonderin'.

x Love Life [practice safe sex] & Smile x

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