Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thursday 31st December 2009

2009. WoaH! What can I say!? I dunno about YOU, but I had a good'un. I LOVED it, though obviously there were some downs, I enjoyed the ups too much to care about 'em now. I enjoyed myself, made decisions and GOOD ones at that, realised a few things and learnt plenty more.

I wanna say goodbye to 2009. NO 2010 is not MY year, I have to share it with the few billion people that exist on this green planet. NO I shan't make empty promises of success 'cause who knows tomorrow!? Certainly not I kind sirs, certainly not I.

We all have aspirations, goals, tasks that we set ourselves and we all hope to fulfill BUT many obstacles may come our way but we just knock 'em down innitttttt. WHAT ELSE DEN!? LoooL.

Nah but seriously, all I wish for is happiness and positivity 'cause with that, EVERYTHING is possible. With love and energy from your family and friends, that is a high I can live off of for the rest of my life [NO HYPE]. To all my loved ones, I wish you the BEST. To all those who hate me, I also wish you the best 'cause everyone deserves happiness and whether I offend you or you offend me, a smile is all I have to give.

I have NO New Years resolutions just hopes and wishes for better days to come. I have a particular approach to life I wish to test out and we'll see how it goes, I hope to get about more, be more focused and serious, BLOG MORE and enjoy my life to the fullest. Those are just GENERAL things, I don't need January 1st to come about to realise that.

Whatever you do into the New Year, ENJOY IT and stay blessed. One quote I love is 'Never a failure, always a lesson'.

I raise a glass of Rose to you all as I say, HappY NeW YeaR!

I KNOW you must be tired of it but Ima NEVER stop sayin' it...

x Love Life & Smile x

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