Sunday, 20 December 2009


My mate @CapriStar brought me in on this, I HAD to blog it.

Words can't describe [no I ain't bein' lazy] so just watch...

I won't start throwin' around comments like, she sung it better than Beyonce but Ayyy.



Oh and my quote for today is...

': 2008 = 2000 AND GREAT. 2009 = 2000 AND MINE. 2010 = 20 WHEN, ARE YOU ACTUALLY GONNA FULFILL THESE EMPTY PROMISES!? January 1st don't encourage change so shullup! Merry Christmas' ShadeStar.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I resumed work today, I only worked from 10 - 2 BUT living the wreckless Uni life I live, 10am is EARLY! But yeah, nothing in comparison to the 9 - 9 shift I got 2mar. GARD!

P.s x2 R.I.P Brittany Murphy. Died today from a cardiac arrest, aged 32. SAD MAN! Ignorant ppl on Twitter and FaceBook get on my NERVES. Death is NEVER funny or to be ridiculed. No matter what.

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