Thursday, 28 January 2010

: Saddest Joy!

I been writin' and stoppin' and writin' and stoppin' for the past 3weeks on this piece, it never seems finished or I lose concentration or I don't feel it no more, loads of things have happened that have made me stop writin' it. But I finished it the other day and decided that Ima leave it UNfinished.

It's called, 'Saddest Joy!'

As I lay sideways, my tears loose direction and also begin to fall...sideways...As I weep over past days, hoping WISHING for better days, days that seem like only a phase. Conversing as memories float through me, we're so alike, we're no longer tight anymore, no love we just fight forevermore. They say pain is inevitable, they said if it don't kill you, well I'm getting weaker. My thoughts get deeper; I no longer wanna be here. So I constantly find myself, running and running and moving away so fast yet at a slow pace tryna chase anything to help get away from what you left behind. Hoping to find something new though you knew, no you know that what you had was the best but with time it grew into a mess, such distress forever in pain with no gain just restraining the urge to return to where you once were when you were happy with the way things were. But it’s funny that we play tit for tat with an emotional baseball bat that I use to SMASH into your head whilst we lie together in bed and you tell me lies about how I’m the only one who’s been in your bed, all these sweet nothings now give me diabetic chills of affection as you crave for 100% of my attention as I ponder revenge, bad intentions. We’re perfectly wrong for each other.

You say you hate his lies but, the truth won’t feed your ego, everywhere he is, is everywhere you wanna go, but the fact that you don’t know, is what makes this my saddest joy, the smile he provides me with is worth more than the tears that I’ve cried for this. It’s like I feel so weak whenever we’re apart, you hold us together yet you’re why we fall apart. You pierced the soul of me with, cupids dart now getting over you is the hard part,

Her and she and them and he, what happened to me and you and us and we? I just want it to be happily, you and me, you and I us and NO ONE, with them involved it's NO fun. Just pain and more pain, rain and no gain, shame and more blame my love has been slain...

By Andrea 'ShadeStar' Ushedo.

Ima record myself performin' this by the end of z week so you can get a more personal feel of things, so yeah. Look out for that soon ANDDD join me FaceBook Group if you ain't done so already, gonna be regular updates on there soon. CLICK! iWrite by Andrea Ushedo

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 25 January 2010

: Chanel Iman

I was on me most favourite bloggages site and stumbled across the BEAUTIFUL Chanel Iman, they posted up her pictures from the Spain Vogue shoot. CORE!

Why is she so amazing!?

I love her, can you believe she is only TWENTY YEARS OLD!? Gosh! After winnin' Fords SuperModel of the world when she was only 16 [in 2006] I think that's when her career SK rocketed! Oh and btw, she is half black half Korean, same as Nicki Minaj BUT SHE don't go off and get her nose all scrunched up and pointed off does she!? I'm disappointed in that nose job but Ima rant about that another time...

She is gonna be in featured in the February edition so go cop that, I plan to start collectin' VOGUE from next month, it's brilliant. [sowwe ELLE].

x Love Life [FASHION] & Smile x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

: Simples!

LoooL X 1,000,000

x Love Life & Smile x

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fine girl no pimples

T Boy has done it AGAIN! His first piece of work for 2010 is his new tune 'Fine girl no pimples'. He said he'll be back with a new track AND he has been tweetin' about being in the studio and stuffsss, ayyy, little did I know he'd release a track like THIS! LoooL. Though he is a comedian, I SERIOUSLY like this song, new age AfroBeats, KAI!

'Your ex man, don't mind him, see my motor, just climb in'.

LoooL! Nah that bar is JOKES!

Follow him on Twitter OR subscribe to his YouTube page for all the latest info.


x Love Life & Smile x

* Jingle of the moment *

This has been the quickest * Jingle of the moment * change in history of * Jingle of the moment *. The jingle usually stays in the moment for longer than a moment.

RIGHT! Today I woke up at 6pm, just incase you might wanna know what I've done today, the answer basically, in a nutshell is...Nothing!

Ima go out later this evening but yeah, as of now I'm watchin' MTV and eatin' dinner and sippin' on COKE! Grrr! I NEVER drink fizzy drink BUT of recent I have been drinkin' Coke, too much for it JUST to be a quench my thirst kinda thing, I think I MAY actually LIKE it! :O

No, it can't be. I'm never gonna drink it AGAIN from this day forward!

Right, anywhooo. My new * Jingle of the moment * is the FIRST track I've heard from him, young talented man Adam Young, well cool. But yeah, it's by Owl City and it's called FireFlies. It's a cool jingle, it makes me schmile and wanna sway my arms from left2right [which I DID do the last time I listened to it] hehe.


x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 22 January 2010

: Wild Young HeartBreaks

On this Friday 'feelin' like a Sunday evening' night, I'm sittin' in my bed with my toast crumb filled plate and half empty glass of Mango juice and my iTunes shuffle began to grace my ears with the sound of 'Never Bad' a tune mixed by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, the Nvme Remix from the Wild Young HeartBreaks mixtape. I ENJOY THIS TUNE!

Basically, HOPEFULLY you've already heard about this mixtape, if not, it's a mix of Kanye Wests songs from his '808's & HeartBreak' album mixed with tracks from The Noisettes 'Wild Young Hearts' album. SICK!

It was my special mate @LikleP who brought me in on this ear penetration like 3weeks ago[ish] and today I thought, incase anyone is havin' a night in like I am, [shrugs] they might wanna enjoy good sounds too.


x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

* Jingle of the moment *

Today has just been like WoW! I'm sittin' in my house [finally after being out all day] and I just came out the shower [30mins ago] and I'm still sittin' in my towel, I have NO idea why, I'm freezin' and my skin is kinda dry now so Ima hop back in the shower to wet it up [Ayyy] real quick then start gettin' dressed. But before I do that...

I ain't done one of these for quite a while, but yeah this is my first * Jingle of the moment * of 2010.

It's by Chrishan and it's called 'Bedroom'. :O

I LOVE this song, I think you will too.

There's no video and it's not even been released as far as I'm aware, it's off his album called 'Night & Day' which has some pretty good tunes on there, this is my favourite so far though, but I ain't taken time to let the rest soak in. Enjoy!

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

: True Tiger + CtrlAltShift = SOMEnight

There is NO other place to be this Wednesday night [2mar] other than at 'The Den' where True Tiger teamed up with Ctrl Alt Shift in partnership with SOMEnight to organise a charity UK Music fundraising event in aid of the Haiti earthquake victims. It starts at 10pm and is a pay on the door event. It is a MINIMUM of £5 for entry, but if you're feelin' EXTRA generous then more is welcome.

The line up includes those such as:

* Wiley (Island Records)

* Tinie Tempah (Parlephone Records)

*JME (Boy Better Know)

*Heartless Crew

*Shy FX


*Ruff Sqwad

*P Money

*Loose Cannons (Kiss 100)

*DJ Cameo (1Xtra)

*Logan Sama (Kiss)

*DJ Target (1Xtra) b2b Maximum (Boy Better Know)

*Twin B (1Xtra) b2b Twin B

*Sukh Knight b2b Scandalous Unltd. (True Tiger)

*DJ Chef (Rinse.FM) & Rod Azlan (Dub Police)

Come down and show support and love for the people of Haiti and UK musicians at Den & Centro, 18 West Central St, London WC1A 1JJ from 22:00.

For more information, find out on the FaceBook events page CLICK HERE or go to the CtrlAltShift website.

Keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts, prayers and hearts, NObody deserves such tragedy and whether or not you can change things physically, a lot of small things can make a huge difference. Hope to see you there!

x Love Life & Smile x


'Take this s*&% like a toilet'.

GH is on this ABE in this video, I feel! He comes HARDDDDDDDD & FAST on this. [no pre ejac]

When I saw the video the other day, I din't get to give it a listen 'cause I was in z LRC and I forgot my headphones. But I was chillin' at my mates house and he put it on and ayyy. SKADOOSH!

'Some man are puttin' it on, it's not at all natural. Stop all the bad boy poses none of you are bad boys, bad boys know this'.

His 'names GH and he's F*&%ED IN THE HEAD'. No one can EVER take that from him, personally, he won't be ideal for mainstream, he can be and can remain an underground KING! We'll see though, he's tried the mainstream thing and it din't go so well, 'Don't phone me' and 'Sing For Me [remix]' were slyly him cuttin' away from the Grime scene and though people FELT them tunes, I don't think I can see him gettin' away with releasin' anymore like them.

This is the GH we all know and love. The fast tongued unique voiced 'GreenGate gun happy goon'. He's a G.

'But when it comes to my gun, it's masturbation, it's bussin' and if you don't know I'll fill a n*gga in like an application'.

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

:This gave me a HEADACHE, now I need some MEDICINE!

This song AND video is so cheesily disgustingly crap! LoooL.

Plies I rate him slyly, I like him [slyly sexy man] and I liked the first single he released off his new album 'Becky' so I thought yeaaah, there we go Plies, show 'em.

Then he goes and does THIS!!!

Do I not like it 'cause Keri Hilson is on the track and in the video!? That is probably 30% or so of the reason yesh! LoooL, but bar that, it's just crappy, Booo Plies, BOOO indeed!

But let's look at Plies in a GOOD light, the light I love lookin' at him in...

I took a break from writin' and discovered this so I just had to quickly share it, but I'm gaaan back to my writin' now so, toodles for now guys. But oh, I got a WEEK off Uni startin' Monday so HOPEFULLY Ima be engagin' in loads ah fun thangs so, keep posted. =D

x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

iLuv Live

For the first time I went iLuv Live yesterday, GOOD vibes! I like events like that, nice and cool, it's £5 n all so it's cheap n cheerful. It's usually every month apparently but this month it's every week so find yourself down there next Monday at PROUD in Camden, it's worth the sumtin!

Anyway, Jessie J performed, WICKED, SPEECHLESS, AWESOME! Alla daaah and a bag of [LARGE] chips. I heart her!

They do an 60second open mic session where people from the audience come on stage and get to perform for 60seconds and if they win they win a slot on the next show, it's cool, you get to see a load of undercovers.

I enjoyed myself, I LOVE Pear Magners, I went to z bar and said 'YeaH Hi, can I get a Pear Magners please'. The lady goes 'We don't do that'. I tried to keep composure but I was like 'HAH!? YOU DON'T do Magners'. Then she goes 'ah ha, no sorry'. I began to sweat. LoL but she said 'We DO do Pear Kopparberg'. My left eyebrow raised, it was only £3.20 so I said I'd give it a try!

AMAZING! LoooL, I love it! [I had 6] Yikes!

YeaH, twas a fun day with my fun people had smiles and laughs, saw faces I ain't seen in a while, goodtimes, I'll DEFO go again sometime. =)

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 11 January 2010


Aaaaah, TODAY I was reunited with one of my FAVOURITE old school albums ever. 'Mario'. I LOVEEEE this album to bits and pieces. When I was young [sigh, LoL] I used to have it on REPEAT on my stereo [no iPod] and it was soooo SICK! It STILL is. The versatile material, I mean, Mario must have been like 15 these times, for him to produce such an album was AMAZING!

It had the slowjams, the up beat, the club hits, ayyy...I feeeeel this album!

I got it back this evening after a million years of being apart and I AM ever so glad I got it back. The album is TOO sick. It's STILL available on iTunes for £6.99 BUY IT. [Or do whatever it is you do to get music ;-)] hehe

Naaah, I feel his NEW material don't get me wrong but I'm just havin' an audio orgasm over these tunes, though ALL of them are my favourite, if I HADDD to pick, my top 5 tracks are DEFO 'C'Mon', 'What Your Name Is', 'Girl In The Picture', 'Chick With The Braids' and 'Never'. BANGERS! I could NEVER pick just ONE favourite track though, NEVER. [obviously if my life depended on it I would pick but you know what I mean]

YeaH, that's enough of that, LoooL. I'm off to continue doin' this assignment, wish me luck, Uni resumes on Tuesday, Oh z joy [literally, I'm excited, I been off for too long].

P.s...People are NEVER who they let you believe they are, doesn't mean you should judge people or put a wall up and distance yourself, just don't be naive and hope for the best but expect the worse, you'll never be disappointed.

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

: Late Christmas present!





YOU HAVE to watch the clip at LEAST 3times, the sound affect, the landin' GARRRSH! Errrthang!

I have watched the clip over 12 TIMES!!!


Merry Christmas guys.

x Love Life & Smile x

Saturday, 9 January 2010


BoxFresh & Chock-a-Block present: Pigeon Face

It is where I will be 2mar, I think you should be there TOO! It's not too late to put yourself on z guestlist for £5. £5 WELL spent. Hope to see you there...

70 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6LP. Be there, it's gonna be CRAZY, just check the line up!

Today has been an awkward but funny day, I've taken a break from Twitter for a while 'cause I felt I tweet TOO much. STILL follow me 'cause I'll be back REAL soon [@Shadestars]

My mate Cj is CRAZY. He has a lovely cute SnowMan teddy that he tends to abuse but this by FAR has got to be the WORSE.


Somebody SAVE poor snowy. ='(

Ah ha! Oh and CBB is CRAP! I've watched all but half an hour of it and feel that my analysis is perfect. Thanks. LoL.

'Til next time folk...Ima try have an early night. ;-)

x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

: On Fire!

Happy 1st week in 2010 guys. Wooo! It's been a WEEK already. Kai!

Anyway sha, I been seeing the 'Lil Wayne - On Fire' video circulatin' [obviously] and the tune is CRAZY. I love it, BUT another tune I love which sampled the original 'On Fire' was 'Wretch 32 - On Fire' off of his Wretchrospective album; that tune was AMAZING.

But which song is better!? I asked this on Twitter this afternoon and got a load of mixed opinions, I WON'T tell you who won so not to sway your decision.

I know which one I prefer aswell, I'll let you know later...

Here's 'Lil Wayne - On Fire' + the video

'Wretch - On Fire'

Hmmm...You be the judge, lemme know what you think...DON'T be biased!

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Three old school songs I've been playin' this week that I LOVE and will continue to...

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight [I was reminded of this song recently and have been playin' it ever since]

Black Box - Ride On Time

Shola Ama - Taboo

Notice how they are ALL UK tracks. Ayyy, we does dis tin!

I just thought I'd share that with you. I'm currently in z process of writin' summink. It's called 'My Saddest Joy'. Hopefully I'll be done with it soon so I can post it up on here for you to look at.

Oh and today I decided that I will NEVER perform again in my LIFE! I was meant to perform at iLuv Live today but I didn't go. I don't wanna perform, I dunno why. I guess I'm not a 'Poet'. I just love to write.

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 4 January 2010

: 'I'm a straight wanker, I'm feelin' myself'.

Today I was awake for a maximum of SEVEN hours, can you imagine, I was awake by 5pm then ATTEMPTED to go sleep at 12:30am. As you can clearly see the time [for those who can't for whatever reason it's 3:03am] I am STILL awake. Right.


LoL, I had THREE of my mates today [yes, within those 7hours] tell me that they THOUGHT about OR are gaaan to bash their bishops this evenin'. It was JOKES! I pullit in my FaceBook status and, well...

LmaO! MADDD stomach craps at 3 in z mornin'.

iLied, I don't need anymore girlfriends [no par, if you're cool we can hang] BUT I LOVE boys [no bosh] Oh how I wish I was one. [a boy that is, not a bosh]. LoL!

YeaH but I'm up with 'Drake - Bria's Interlude' on repeat recitin' a piece Ima perform 2mar at iLuv Live. So WISH ME LUCK GUYS...

Awwwwwwwwwwww x 1,000,0000. I just got the CUTEST text from my mate Jess, them texts put the DUMBEST schmile on my face man. I love my loved ones.

LOVE YOU JESS xxxxxxxxxxx

Oh and before I sign out, I have made a change in my life, A BIG ONE! My name is...

Alejandro. I would LOVE for you to call me that and THAT alone from this day foward! 9% of the people in my life have listened to this and the rest choose to be stubborn goats. =(

Anyway, I'm off to continue recitin' and returnin' to my Skype conversation with Vintage Candy [click the name to sheck her blog aht VINTAGE CANDY]

Until next time guys...

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s... I HOPE you guys ACTUALLY Love Life & Smile 'cause I don't say it for the fun of it ladies and gentlemen, don't hold on to grudges, let go of negative people, you can't grab hold of your future if your hands are too busy holdin' onto your past, lettin' go is easier than holdin' on, the faster you realise that, the better. Love xx