Tuesday, 19 January 2010


'Take this s*&% like a toilet'.

GH is on this ABE in this video, I feel! He comes HARDDDDDDDD & FAST on this. [no pre ejac]

When I saw the video the other day, I din't get to give it a listen 'cause I was in z LRC and I forgot my headphones. But I was chillin' at my mates house and he put it on and ayyy. SKADOOSH!

'Some man are puttin' it on, it's not at all natural. Stop all the bad boy poses none of you are bad boys, bad boys know this'.

His 'names GH and he's F*&%ED IN THE HEAD'. No one can EVER take that from him, personally, he won't be ideal for mainstream, he can be and can remain an underground KING! We'll see though, he's tried the mainstream thing and it din't go so well, 'Don't phone me' and 'Sing For Me [remix]' were slyly him cuttin' away from the Grime scene and though people FELT them tunes, I don't think I can see him gettin' away with releasin' anymore like them.

This is the GH we all know and love. The fast tongued unique voiced 'GreenGate gun happy goon'. He's a G.

'But when it comes to my gun, it's masturbation, it's bussin' and if you don't know I'll fill a n*gga in like an application'.

x Love Life & Smile x

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