Monday, 25 January 2010

: Chanel Iman

I was on me most favourite bloggages site and stumbled across the BEAUTIFUL Chanel Iman, they posted up her pictures from the Spain Vogue shoot. CORE!

Why is she so amazing!?

I love her, can you believe she is only TWENTY YEARS OLD!? Gosh! After winnin' Fords SuperModel of the world when she was only 16 [in 2006] I think that's when her career SK rocketed! Oh and btw, she is half black half Korean, same as Nicki Minaj BUT SHE don't go off and get her nose all scrunched up and pointed off does she!? I'm disappointed in that nose job but Ima rant about that another time...

She is gonna be in featured in the February edition so go cop that, I plan to start collectin' VOGUE from next month, it's brilliant. [sowwe ELLE].

x Love Life [FASHION] & Smile x

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