Wednesday, 13 January 2010

iLuv Live

For the first time I went iLuv Live yesterday, GOOD vibes! I like events like that, nice and cool, it's £5 n all so it's cheap n cheerful. It's usually every month apparently but this month it's every week so find yourself down there next Monday at PROUD in Camden, it's worth the sumtin!

Anyway, Jessie J performed, WICKED, SPEECHLESS, AWESOME! Alla daaah and a bag of [LARGE] chips. I heart her!

They do an 60second open mic session where people from the audience come on stage and get to perform for 60seconds and if they win they win a slot on the next show, it's cool, you get to see a load of undercovers.

I enjoyed myself, I LOVE Pear Magners, I went to z bar and said 'YeaH Hi, can I get a Pear Magners please'. The lady goes 'We don't do that'. I tried to keep composure but I was like 'HAH!? YOU DON'T do Magners'. Then she goes 'ah ha, no sorry'. I began to sweat. LoL but she said 'We DO do Pear Kopparberg'. My left eyebrow raised, it was only £3.20 so I said I'd give it a try!

AMAZING! LoooL, I love it! [I had 6] Yikes!

YeaH, twas a fun day with my fun people had smiles and laughs, saw faces I ain't seen in a while, goodtimes, I'll DEFO go again sometime. =)

x Love Life & Smile x

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