Monday, 4 January 2010

: 'I'm a straight wanker, I'm feelin' myself'.

Today I was awake for a maximum of SEVEN hours, can you imagine, I was awake by 5pm then ATTEMPTED to go sleep at 12:30am. As you can clearly see the time [for those who can't for whatever reason it's 3:03am] I am STILL awake. Right.


LoL, I had THREE of my mates today [yes, within those 7hours] tell me that they THOUGHT about OR are gaaan to bash their bishops this evenin'. It was JOKES! I pullit in my FaceBook status and, well...

LmaO! MADDD stomach craps at 3 in z mornin'.

iLied, I don't need anymore girlfriends [no par, if you're cool we can hang] BUT I LOVE boys [no bosh] Oh how I wish I was one. [a boy that is, not a bosh]. LoL!

YeaH but I'm up with 'Drake - Bria's Interlude' on repeat recitin' a piece Ima perform 2mar at iLuv Live. So WISH ME LUCK GUYS...

Awwwwwwwwwwww x 1,000,0000. I just got the CUTEST text from my mate Jess, them texts put the DUMBEST schmile on my face man. I love my loved ones.

LOVE YOU JESS xxxxxxxxxxx

Oh and before I sign out, I have made a change in my life, A BIG ONE! My name is...

Alejandro. I would LOVE for you to call me that and THAT alone from this day foward! 9% of the people in my life have listened to this and the rest choose to be stubborn goats. =(

Anyway, I'm off to continue recitin' and returnin' to my Skype conversation with Vintage Candy [click the name to sheck her blog aht VINTAGE CANDY]

Until next time guys...

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s... I HOPE you guys ACTUALLY Love Life & Smile 'cause I don't say it for the fun of it ladies and gentlemen, don't hold on to grudges, let go of negative people, you can't grab hold of your future if your hands are too busy holdin' onto your past, lettin' go is easier than holdin' on, the faster you realise that, the better. Love xx

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