Saturday, 23 January 2010

* Jingle of the moment *

This has been the quickest * Jingle of the moment * change in history of * Jingle of the moment *. The jingle usually stays in the moment for longer than a moment.

RIGHT! Today I woke up at 6pm, just incase you might wanna know what I've done today, the answer basically, in a nutshell is...Nothing!

Ima go out later this evening but yeah, as of now I'm watchin' MTV and eatin' dinner and sippin' on COKE! Grrr! I NEVER drink fizzy drink BUT of recent I have been drinkin' Coke, too much for it JUST to be a quench my thirst kinda thing, I think I MAY actually LIKE it! :O

No, it can't be. I'm never gonna drink it AGAIN from this day forward!

Right, anywhooo. My new * Jingle of the moment * is the FIRST track I've heard from him, young talented man Adam Young, well cool. But yeah, it's by Owl City and it's called FireFlies. It's a cool jingle, it makes me schmile and wanna sway my arms from left2right [which I DID do the last time I listened to it] hehe.


x Love Life & Smile x

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