Monday, 11 January 2010


Aaaaah, TODAY I was reunited with one of my FAVOURITE old school albums ever. 'Mario'. I LOVEEEE this album to bits and pieces. When I was young [sigh, LoL] I used to have it on REPEAT on my stereo [no iPod] and it was soooo SICK! It STILL is. The versatile material, I mean, Mario must have been like 15 these times, for him to produce such an album was AMAZING!

It had the slowjams, the up beat, the club hits, ayyy...I feeeeel this album!

I got it back this evening after a million years of being apart and I AM ever so glad I got it back. The album is TOO sick. It's STILL available on iTunes for £6.99 BUY IT. [Or do whatever it is you do to get music ;-)] hehe

Naaah, I feel his NEW material don't get me wrong but I'm just havin' an audio orgasm over these tunes, though ALL of them are my favourite, if I HADDD to pick, my top 5 tracks are DEFO 'C'Mon', 'What Your Name Is', 'Girl In The Picture', 'Chick With The Braids' and 'Never'. BANGERS! I could NEVER pick just ONE favourite track though, NEVER. [obviously if my life depended on it I would pick but you know what I mean]

YeaH, that's enough of that, LoooL. I'm off to continue doin' this assignment, wish me luck, Uni resumes on Tuesday, Oh z joy [literally, I'm excited, I been off for too long].

P.s...People are NEVER who they let you believe they are, doesn't mean you should judge people or put a wall up and distance yourself, just don't be naive and hope for the best but expect the worse, you'll never be disappointed.

x Love Life & Smile x

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