Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Three old school songs I've been playin' this week that I LOVE and will continue to...

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight [I was reminded of this song recently and have been playin' it ever since]

Black Box - Ride On Time

Shola Ama - Taboo

Notice how they are ALL UK tracks. Ayyy, we does dis tin!

I just thought I'd share that with you. I'm currently in z process of writin' summink. It's called 'My Saddest Joy'. Hopefully I'll be done with it soon so I can post it up on here for you to look at.

Oh and today I decided that I will NEVER perform again in my LIFE! I was meant to perform at iLuv Live today but I didn't go. I don't wanna perform, I dunno why. I guess I'm not a 'Poet'. I just love to write.

x Love Life & Smile x

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