Thursday, 7 January 2010

: On Fire!

Happy 1st week in 2010 guys. Wooo! It's been a WEEK already. Kai!

Anyway sha, I been seeing the 'Lil Wayne - On Fire' video circulatin' [obviously] and the tune is CRAZY. I love it, BUT another tune I love which sampled the original 'On Fire' was 'Wretch 32 - On Fire' off of his Wretchrospective album; that tune was AMAZING.

But which song is better!? I asked this on Twitter this afternoon and got a load of mixed opinions, I WON'T tell you who won so not to sway your decision.

I know which one I prefer aswell, I'll let you know later...

Here's 'Lil Wayne - On Fire' + the video

'Wretch - On Fire'

Hmmm...You be the judge, lemme know what you think...DON'T be biased!

x Love Life & Smile x

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