Sunday, 17 January 2010

:This gave me a HEADACHE, now I need some MEDICINE!

This song AND video is so cheesily disgustingly crap! LoooL.

Plies I rate him slyly, I like him [slyly sexy man] and I liked the first single he released off his new album 'Becky' so I thought yeaaah, there we go Plies, show 'em.

Then he goes and does THIS!!!

Do I not like it 'cause Keri Hilson is on the track and in the video!? That is probably 30% or so of the reason yesh! LoooL, but bar that, it's just crappy, Booo Plies, BOOO indeed!

But let's look at Plies in a GOOD light, the light I love lookin' at him in...

I took a break from writin' and discovered this so I just had to quickly share it, but I'm gaaan back to my writin' now so, toodles for now guys. But oh, I got a WEEK off Uni startin' Monday so HOPEFULLY Ima be engagin' in loads ah fun thangs so, keep posted. =D

x Love Life & Smile x

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