Friday, 22 January 2010

: Wild Young HeartBreaks

On this Friday 'feelin' like a Sunday evening' night, I'm sittin' in my bed with my toast crumb filled plate and half empty glass of Mango juice and my iTunes shuffle began to grace my ears with the sound of 'Never Bad' a tune mixed by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, the Nvme Remix from the Wild Young HeartBreaks mixtape. I ENJOY THIS TUNE!

Basically, HOPEFULLY you've already heard about this mixtape, if not, it's a mix of Kanye Wests songs from his '808's & HeartBreak' album mixed with tracks from The Noisettes 'Wild Young Hearts' album. SICK!

It was my special mate @LikleP who brought me in on this ear penetration like 3weeks ago[ish] and today I thought, incase anyone is havin' a night in like I am, [shrugs] they might wanna enjoy good sounds too.


x Love Life & Smile x

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