Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I dunno whyyyyyyyyyyy, Kanye West approved this. Fair enough Nabil Elderkin did the video for 'Welcome To Heartbreak' I didn't personally care for that video but that's my JAM! But yeah, what he has done for the 'Coldest Winter' video is pathetic, sowwe, though my love for 'Ye is MAD CRAZY HIGH this video just...

It's confusin' and a tad scary, it just isn't ANYTHING like I imagined it to be, it ain't even CRAP, it's just (*&^%^gyuhfiegort#'. To think I was well happy when I learnt of there being a video...[sigh]

'Ave a look and you be the judge. It ain't gonna come out in the UK though, so, blah!

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

x Love Life & Smile x

: Yours Sincerely

One half of the duo formally known as Floetry aka Marsha Ambrosius aka 'the woman who used to sing in Floetry' has come out with a mixtape called 'Yours Sincerely'. I been VYBZIN' to it for 4days now, it's Amazing, SHE'S Amazing! I love it.

I got the link off of one of me favourite blogs, ConcreteLoop y'all. =D

Nah it's REALLY good, give it a listen...EVERYONE should've heard 'Storm' by now right...RIGHT!? Right.

My favourite track on there is 'She Don't Matter'. The play count on my iTunes just after 4days is CRAZY! I love the WHOLE mixtape though, it's MOS DEF recommendable. Click below to downloaddd.

Marsha Ambrosius - Yours Sincerely

x Love Life & Smile x

: We're just ordinary people...


x Love Life & Smile x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

: Ain't no party if MY dawwwgs ain't there.

So basically, my boy @ayojourno decided to make an attempt to spice up Twitter tonight by makin' up #21Tweeters. It's basically a Twitter version of the game 21. Incase you're unfamiliar with it, you have a group of people, you wach go around in a circle with a maximum of stating three numbers countin' from 1 to 20. Which ever person lands on 21, has to perform either a truth or dare.

The #21Tweeter ORIGINAL O.G'S ARE: @ayojourno @Shadestars [me] @RalphHardy @xWend @CS_Skoolboy and @InkOnCanvas MADNESS erupted from the start. LoooooL!

People started seeing us tweet, wanted to join in, ayyy, I came to the conclusion that, Twitter is AMAZING!

Then THIS happened...


This is the FIRST time this has EVER happened to me, I got put in #TwitterJail for postin' too many tweets in less than an hour. When I get released [hopefully early for good behaviour] Ima be good. I've learnt my lesson, I felt like a nasty lonely kid/nastypervy pedo just watchin' others tweet without engaging. [sigh]

x Love Life [Twitter] & Smile x

: My chick bad tell your chick to go HOME!

I posted up the track or spoke about this track a couple weeks ago, but now the video's here. 'LudaCris ft Nicki Minaj - My Chick's Bad'. It's not a GREAT video, but blah! I like it and I mean, it's Luda, how can you not like it ay...

Someone on Twitter said that Nicki Minaj is like a black Lady GaGa, I wanted to CRY! KmL. They are in nooooooo way, shape, size or form the same kinda person, they are NOT to be compared, EVER!

x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 19 February 2010

: 5 days time!!!

It's my birthday in 5days. Yipeeeeee! <<< Ok that Yippeee was fake, I'm not excited. My mood changes every ermmm...let's say HALF HOUR! LoL. On a NORMAL, I'm WELL excited. But I'm plannin' summink for my birthday [well @ least tryin' to] and it's slightly kinda stressful so blah!

Hopefully, all will go well, so yeah!

I'm just up, decided to blog as I sit on my bed playin' 'Tiffany Evans ft Ciara - Promise Ring'. Ciara is TECHNICALLY adlibbin' for like 30seconds, but meh! She's hot anyway so, who cares!

I canNOT believe I never blogged about my Mrs. Winning ALL THREE Brits she was nominated for. I'm GaGa for GaGa! Well done and congratulations beautiful.

I still LONG for the day she will follow me on Twitter [@Shadestars btw] =(

...hopefully that day'll come SOON!

I just finished readin' a book called 'Sister Sister' today, by the AMAZING Eric Jerome Dickey. When I get to readin' a novel, I can't put it DOWN!!! It stimulates the minddd on a wonderful level, gets my creative juices flowin' n all. Since I finished that, this evening I started readin' another of his books called 'Naughty Or Nice'. I'm already like 6 Chapters deep and I'm enjoyin'. Ima have a lil read before I go bed. Amazon do SICKKK deals on his books, get involved, you WON'T regret it, believe me!

Ok, I totally went off topic and forgot the reason why I even started this blog post. Blah!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my beautiful bubba, Jessica.

If I remember what I originally wanted to tell y'all about, I shall return sooner than later, if NOT. Sleep tyt and enjoy your friday.

x Love Life & Smile x

Saturday, 13 February 2010

: I want me a man, you know the kinda man...

'Just be good to me, tell me I'm the one you need boy. Just be good to me, 'cause I don't wanna search no more'.

New video 'Le Toya Luckett - Good To Me'. I really like her you know, I've got both her albums and I would strongly recommend 'em. She's good and she's a cutey beauty. =)

LeToya "Good To Me" from Music'N'BS on Vimeo.

I feel this song, for some reason I feel it may be * Jingle Of The Moment * VERY soon 'cause I've listened to it 4times within the hour already. Yikes!

'I'm ready to give a man all of this good love so if you wanna be mine, just be good to me'.

x Love Life & Smile x

: Pass It Over!

I like this song and the video AND quality is pretty good too!

'Sincere ft Scorcher, Wretch32, Ghetto, GFrsh and Little Dee - Pass It Over'.

'Strong and got green, I'm Hulk, INCREDIBLE'. Wretch

Speakin' of Wretch, go on his newly launched website to download his new mixtape Wretch32.com it's alotta fings!

x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 12 February 2010

: A part of Fashion died yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon, legendary [no hype] Alexander McQueen was found DEAD in his house after taking his own life. [sigh]

It is an emotional topic and I don't wanna say too much but, I can personally NEVER understand why people commit suicide, but it's not my portion to understand. His best friend past 2years ago and apparently he kinda never got over that, PLUS his Mother past away last week which as you can imagine hit him HARD aswell. I guess he could no longer take it...


His memory will live on his the amazing work he left in our hearts, minds and eyes...He was truly an amazimg person AND fashion designer.

I SHALL own a pair of his Amardillo high heels VERY soon, [even though they're like £1,000 and will probably take me a month to learn how to walk in 'em]

R.I.P Alexander McQueen xxx

x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 11 February 2010


[8] ...Take it, take it, baby, baby. Take it, take it, love me, love me...

Rihanna was spotted a couple days ago wearin' costumes whilst filmin' her new video for her latest release 'Rude Boy'. I don't really have an opinion on Rihanna to be honest, her music is meh, her personality is blah! [shrugs] I dunno. I OBVIOUSLY don't like the whole Chris Brown saga that happened just over a year ago but what can I say, that was over a year ago.

This song is alright and the video makes it BETTER! She did good with this one, I like it, I like it indeed.

The outfits, the dance moves, the hair, I enjoy this video, it's really fun. It slyly sees Rihanna go back to where she came from, with the Caribbean side of her pokin' out. Good stuffsss!

What do you think!?

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 8 February 2010

: Stars In You Eyes - His eye is on the Sparrow

Hey dudes and dudettes, 'Stars In Your Eyes' is a regular post Ima be doin' when I search for or come across UK BASED ONLY talent that I think you should know about, they could be my friends, peers, strangers, hobo's whatever, I don't necessarily have to personally know 'em BUT they have to have a talent that I am intrigued by.

YeaH, that's what it's basically about, it might be weekly, fortnightly, whatever...Just when I come across it I guess...

My FIRST 'Stars In Your Eyes' post IS someone I know, the beautiful Chloe Fiducia aka @Muzikality aka The girl with the BEST POUT EVER. Follow her on Twitter! Last night she did a cover of 'His Eye Is On The Sparrow' Gospel Song.


Subscribe to her YOuTube page as well for regular updates and stuffsss...

Oh and though it's about 4months old or so, here's one of my favourites, Chlo' singin' 'Alicia Keys - Diary'. Love this one.

x Love Life [good talent] & Smile x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

: Jeremy Scott

I love this guy and his work, he is actually amazing. I was on his website takin' a peak at his Fall 2009 collection and I LOVE it. If you dunno who he is, shame on I SAY SHAME on you! Many people knew him from the JS Winged Hightop trainers he did with adidas...

...but Jeremy Scott is one talented guy, he has been about for ages but hasn't got the recognition he deserves [I guess kinda like the majority of talented people on this Galactic Planet] but yeah, his time to shine has been of recent. His Fall 2009 collection is DOPE! I love it.

Pieces from his collection have been worn by the likes of [MY WIFE] Lady GaGa in her 'Paparazzi' video and Rihanna and Solange, to name a few.

His Spring 2010 collection is just [speechless]

Jeremy Scotts mind is TOOO much, if ever I could get my hands on his work, WoaH!


x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 5 February 2010

: Individualism


My sister used to go school with these guys, a pair of brothers called Rueben and Aaron Christian. Some shexy SHEXY Sri Lankan guys who are all about fashion and helpin' men become more stylish all around the world, startin' off in their home town London.

They have recently done a MAJOR partnership with 'A Tribe Called Next' and have their own column mainly discussin' fashion, their a witty duo with quirk, I think you're gonna love 'em, I already do.

Take a look at their NEW trailer for their website INDIVIDUALISM.CO.UK below...

Subscribe and sign up to the mailing list for the website, big things comin' from these guys in the near future, believe.

Individualism is the key!

x Love Life & Smile x

: Shakin' it 4 Daddy

Robin Thicke's new album 'Sex Therapy' is WICKED! I LOVE it. He's got a tune called 'Shakin' It 4 Daddy' on there featuring our very own Nicki Minaj. I shan't comment on her today 'cause that's not what I wanna do right now, Ima have a little rant about her SOON, Ima dedicate a full post to HER but it ain't this one.

Nicki Minaj was seen on her way to the taping, wearing an 'outfit'. *side eye*


But anyway, here's the clip of her performing with Robin Thicke on the David LetterMan show...

What do you think 'cause I'm REALLY unsure when it comes to this woman!?

x Love Life & Smile x

: Emo[tion]

I haven't written a full piece in a little while and I admit I HAVE been slackin'. SHUCKS! I blatantly said this year Ima be more serious and focus a lot more on my Poetry, I refuse to fail myself so yesterday mornin' I found myself up at 7am TWEETIN' like some FIEND, so I thought, lemme write summink. Then that's when I wrote that sentence and blogged it for you guys, it was incomplete then but now it's finished. =D

It was CALLED 'Untitled' for a while then I thought, lemme give it some character...

I decided to call it 'Emo[tion]' I quite like the name, hehe. I was gaaan to record myself performin' the sumtin but then my eyes were all red and sleepified so I gave that whole webcam episode a miss. But hopefully by the end of z week I'll have that for ya 'cause I DO feel that if you hear me speakin' the words, you'll get a better feel of the emotion and feel it much more.

But yeah, here goes...

I’m at the point where my emotions cannot be described by words, so I stare blankly into space, often finding myself daydreaming of words unspoken. Feeling cold due to all the feelings trapped inside me, that warm me up, that cool me down, that make me hot, and that make me frown. Though I smile when things are good, it’s when they’re bad that really get me down. As frustration leads to certainty , I’m seeing Red, or maybe it’s Burgundy as I dim down my Rose tinted shades, that always tell me everything’s going to be ok, that can make sheer joy from a fiery rage, that can give me freedom from this cage, I voluntarily imprison myself in. The thoughts within you’d never guess, that I’m sometimes sad, you’ll never guess, I’m mostly happy you’ll never guess that yes, I’m showered with love yet lack it in my life. Through troubles and strive I argue with love, I say ‘Are you really here to help me love!?’ and love replies ‘only I can make you feel this way, almost each and every day I’ve been here for you, I’m here to stay’. Leaving me with thoughts, feelings I keep locked inside, praying that with time, maybe, hopefully, I’ll have someone to share them with, like a special friend of mine. But how can I, when I’m such a commotion of emotion, longing to be free, yet trapped with such devotion, you’re joking, I can’t fall in it, I’m way too young, my hearts not in it. I can’t think straight, my thoughts are too deep so I lay her and ponder and in my mind wonder over and over it’s driving me insane, if we really get over love or if time just eases pain!?

Andrea Ushedo.

Hope you enjoyed the read, look out for the video post of me performin' it...WELL not performin' it in front of an audience or anything, just me recordin' it in my room or summink but I can't think of another word to call it, but jaaast look out for it...

x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

: Untitled!

I'm at the point where my emotions cannot be described with words, so I stare blankly into space, often finding myself daydreamin' of words unspoken.

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 1 February 2010

: ϟ Haus Of GaGa ϟ

If you don't know already you must have not read my blog before but incase you actually haven't, I LOVE Lady GaGa!


I love everything about her, her personality, her sense of style, her music, the way she performs, EVERYTHING! Oh and I'm gaaan to see her in the o2 on the 26th February 2010. [hehe] I actually canNOT wait! Wooooo!!!

She has released 6songs and has had 5 no.1 hits, YOU do the math.

She's amazing, give it where it's due and GaGa deserves it, really!

She is currently shootin' the video for 'TelePhone' which features wonderful Beyonce. No offence and I LOVE 'VideoPhone' BUT this one is better, the video shall be better too. =D

Anyway, the 52nd Grammy Awards were last night and GaGa won TWO of 'em. As a lil monster, I am proud.

She looked awesomely amazingly outragouesly DAZZLING aswell, [as always] Nah! No exagg, I. FEEL. THIS. WOMAN! Eeek.

I'm GaGa for GaGa!

x Love Life & Smile x

: Amber Rose - Persona Mag!

After DUMB amount of speculation about which model was gaaan to feature in Persona Mags 'American Rebel' issue, today it's been revealed, Amber Rose is the one who features in the video/shoot for the 1st issue. Amber Rose is involved in this extensive shoot where she plays with the idea of masculinity and femeninty all in one and she looks HOT! Persona mag say it came natural for her as she was mirroring her very own persona. I love it. Look out for the issue being released in 2weeks.

Aaaah, J'Adore Fashion!

x Love Life & Smile x