Friday, 19 February 2010

: 5 days time!!!

It's my birthday in 5days. Yipeeeeee! <<< Ok that Yippeee was fake, I'm not excited. My mood changes every ermmm...let's say HALF HOUR! LoL. On a NORMAL, I'm WELL excited. But I'm plannin' summink for my birthday [well @ least tryin' to] and it's slightly kinda stressful so blah!

Hopefully, all will go well, so yeah!

I'm just up, decided to blog as I sit on my bed playin' 'Tiffany Evans ft Ciara - Promise Ring'. Ciara is TECHNICALLY adlibbin' for like 30seconds, but meh! She's hot anyway so, who cares!

I canNOT believe I never blogged about my Mrs. Winning ALL THREE Brits she was nominated for. I'm GaGa for GaGa! Well done and congratulations beautiful.

I still LONG for the day she will follow me on Twitter [@Shadestars btw] =(

...hopefully that day'll come SOON!

I just finished readin' a book called 'Sister Sister' today, by the AMAZING Eric Jerome Dickey. When I get to readin' a novel, I can't put it DOWN!!! It stimulates the minddd on a wonderful level, gets my creative juices flowin' n all. Since I finished that, this evening I started readin' another of his books called 'Naughty Or Nice'. I'm already like 6 Chapters deep and I'm enjoyin'. Ima have a lil read before I go bed. Amazon do SICKKK deals on his books, get involved, you WON'T regret it, believe me!

Ok, I totally went off topic and forgot the reason why I even started this blog post. Blah!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my beautiful bubba, Jessica.

If I remember what I originally wanted to tell y'all about, I shall return sooner than later, if NOT. Sleep tyt and enjoy your friday.

x Love Life & Smile x

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