Saturday, 20 February 2010

: Ain't no party if MY dawwwgs ain't there.

So basically, my boy @ayojourno decided to make an attempt to spice up Twitter tonight by makin' up #21Tweeters. It's basically a Twitter version of the game 21. Incase you're unfamiliar with it, you have a group of people, you wach go around in a circle with a maximum of stating three numbers countin' from 1 to 20. Which ever person lands on 21, has to perform either a truth or dare.

The #21Tweeter ORIGINAL O.G'S ARE: @ayojourno @Shadestars [me] @RalphHardy @xWend @CS_Skoolboy and @InkOnCanvas MADNESS erupted from the start. LoooooL!

People started seeing us tweet, wanted to join in, ayyy, I came to the conclusion that, Twitter is AMAZING!

Then THIS happened...


This is the FIRST time this has EVER happened to me, I got put in #TwitterJail for postin' too many tweets in less than an hour. When I get released [hopefully early for good behaviour] Ima be good. I've learnt my lesson, I felt like a nasty lonely kid/nastypervy pedo just watchin' others tweet without engaging. [sigh]

x Love Life [Twitter] & Smile x

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