Monday, 1 February 2010

: ϟ Haus Of GaGa ϟ

If you don't know already you must have not read my blog before but incase you actually haven't, I LOVE Lady GaGa!


I love everything about her, her personality, her sense of style, her music, the way she performs, EVERYTHING! Oh and I'm gaaan to see her in the o2 on the 26th February 2010. [hehe] I actually canNOT wait! Wooooo!!!

She has released 6songs and has had 5 no.1 hits, YOU do the math.

She's amazing, give it where it's due and GaGa deserves it, really!

She is currently shootin' the video for 'TelePhone' which features wonderful Beyonce. No offence and I LOVE 'VideoPhone' BUT this one is better, the video shall be better too. =D

Anyway, the 52nd Grammy Awards were last night and GaGa won TWO of 'em. As a lil monster, I am proud.

She looked awesomely amazingly outragouesly DAZZLING aswell, [as always] Nah! No exagg, I. FEEL. THIS. WOMAN! Eeek.

I'm GaGa for GaGa!

x Love Life & Smile x

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