Tuesday, 23 February 2010

: Yours Sincerely

One half of the duo formally known as Floetry aka Marsha Ambrosius aka 'the woman who used to sing in Floetry' has come out with a mixtape called 'Yours Sincerely'. I been VYBZIN' to it for 4days now, it's Amazing, SHE'S Amazing! I love it.

I got the link off of one of me favourite blogs, ConcreteLoop y'all. =D

Nah it's REALLY good, give it a listen...EVERYONE should've heard 'Storm' by now right...RIGHT!? Right.

My favourite track on there is 'She Don't Matter'. The play count on my iTunes just after 4days is CRAZY! I love the WHOLE mixtape though, it's MOS DEF recommendable. Click below to downloaddd.

Marsha Ambrosius - Yours Sincerely

x Love Life & Smile x

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