Saturday, 13 March 2010

: Unrequited

I was writing a song 2days ago and it was called 'Unrequited' but I couldn't finish it. [crowd boos]

But they I decided to edit it, extend most of the sentences, cut down the chorus and add a bit more to the end and ta daaa. I ended up with a short but sweet poem. [crowd cheers]


Unrequited, I tried to fight with it, this feeling which is stronger than the weakness in which HE felt, for me. He was the weakness, in me. Such weakness brought me to my knees begging, please, asking for reciprocation. On this occasion, accepting the fact that what we had was not real was unreal, to me. Something I couldn't believe to be, pure. As I was too sure of my feelings, so sure that L-O-V-E was what was pouring out of me, in his direction, looking at my reflection, drained, no longer looking the same, this lifeless soul is what I've become, as my heart goes numb and succumbs to these emotions, I'm floating, on a sinking ship of love, with such devotion.

Unrequited, but still I stay strong, and all this made things harder, to move on. Here, is not where my heart belonged, I was in too deep, though we had a shallow bond.

Unrequited, yet I still desire it.

I hope you enjoyed it.

x Love Life & Smile x

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