Sunday, 25 April 2010

: Love Life!

Here is a piece I wrote last week called 'Love Life'...I kinda wrote it as though I was talkin' about a boy or a lover, when in actual fact it's life I'm on about...Have a read!

He love like, He love LIKE...HE LOVE LIKE, special, like, oooh, like, aaah, like YES please. He love like tease, he love like healing, tender, nurture, He love like mother nature, beauty filled, like feature. He love like, teacher, delivers like preacher, touching the soul, like glo, He love like redemption, He love truer than a pension, He love like perfection, like right, like light, like heat, He loves like sun, like moon, He love like water, He love like surface, reflection, He love like purpose, He love like prediction, like prophecy, like vision...

He love like religion, giving you ground and, keeping you stationed. He love like root, like binding, like perfect timing, like, on and off and, tick and tock, He love like moments, open to possibilities, open to probabilities, He love like, community, like care, like hug, like kiss, He love like this, He love like bliss, like memories you can't forget, like even better yet.

He loves like how, loving should be, He loves like comfort, and it takes no effort, it's how he is, he loves 'cause love keeps him alive, He loves like pride, He loves me from the inside, my love for him I'll never hide, lovin' him 'til the day I die, I, I Love Life...

Hope you liked it. =D

x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 23 April 2010

: The good die young...

23 year old Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun aka DaGrin lost his battle with life last night. He was in a car crash, had been in a coma for 7days but sadly, couldn't fight any longer.

Talented young rapper from Nigeria, his career had only FULLY begun to take off and he didn't even get a chance to enjoy his fame or fortune. I didn't know him personally but it's proper upsettin' man, so unfortunate.

May his soul rest in perfect peace, pray for his family and loved ones he left behind.

R.I.P Da Grin

Here is my favourite song of his, called 'Ghetto Dream'...

Tomorrow ain't promised, so while you're here, enjoy every single moment of it...

x Love Life & Smile x

: Hopes of Utopia

Here is one of the new pieces I wrote, like, 5days ago or summink. I did promise to be uploadin' videos n stuffsss, so you could get a better feel/vibe off me poetry but I haven't done so, PROMISE, by z end of next week I'll DEFO have up at least one video...

But until then, you'll have to give it a READ...

You know, it's like, when you lay on your back and your thoughts hit the ceiling, when a blank stare shares so much meaning, you're fiending, for answers to questions you can't construct, with no luck and no faith you pray but, to whom!?

Up and down, roller-coaster, helter skelter, trapped in a shelter, of doom. Hoping things'll change soon but knowing, nothing, thinking, of him, damn this, love thing, I've felt, such pain, trying to regain, restrain, myself, from it. Feels like the worlds on the opposing team and with no hope, it takes the lead. As I mourn, the piece of me which used to to be, but is no more, I gave my heart to the world and now it's left me scorned, my soul is torn and though it lives on, my body is dead, I feel no more.

It's like I'm in the back seat in the front row, dim lights, bright show. It's got to question time during meditation and I'm saying, I'm not playing anymore, this is no fun, this ignorance isn't bliss, this ignorance ain't as good as it gets, this ignorance isn't even ignorant, in fact, MY ignorance has been me, finger pointing and telling lies, crying wolf and getting, all involved in itself, in, MYself, and I know.

I been playing games, I been joining in the race I was warned not to run, I been joining in the chase for the face of the sun, for, a place with the like, this all just begun, like somebody in a body is gonna finally see who won. I mean, I been playing games, I been, overly interacting, telling who I am and seeing who agrees in this land of marketed belief and documented grief I been, I been getting carried away but this ain't my mission and this I know, I been living ahead of myself in the past tense, backward progression, but now I'm ready, I'm, ready for right now, I'm accountable for me, and one day you'll see...

x Love Life & Smile x


[RANDOM post but I had brief things to enlighten you on so, yeah]

About, 1pm yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a lovely young lady saying that I got the job. YaaaaaaaY! Last week Tuesday, I went to an interview/recruitment day at All Saints and yesterday, I got z job. I start on Monday, MAD excited. =D [be excited for me]

I don't like retail and I ain't done it in 2years BUT I like All Saints, it's a pretty cool store.

I was out and about with my @RalphHardy yesterday, being Martians, playin' hide n seek, discussin' 'Rocky' and being watched. :O

Twas fun.

So yeah, I was meant to be gaaan through that stage of growin' out my bald head BUT now I got a new job, I can't start off all trampy, now, can I!? ¬_¬ - Well either way, Ima just cut it off, work there for a lil while then drop the REAL Anj on 'em and come in all nappy headed like BLAOW!

I like to refer to myself as a BOY 'cause I genuinely believe that deep inside, I AM! The girliest thing I do is paint me nails, bar that, I do NOUGHT feminine WHATSOEVER [obviously apart from the things controlled by nature *ahem*]

SideBar: I got some NEW posts up on my FaceBook group page iWrite by Andrea Ushedo click z link n 'ave a butchers...

x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

: 'Love Life & Smile'

...That's been my motto/slogan/the code I live by for as long as I can remember. Probably since early Secondary School way back in 2004. But yeah, for two years now I've had these...

They are my favourite tatts, I LOVE 'em. Couple days ago I was with one of my besties, aka My Misses aka NessQuik aka My Omelette Du Fromage and we decided to randomly get more tatts 'cause the weather was shiny and we had a few shillings between us.

We now got matchin' minds, souls, hearts and hands. :O


I ended up gettin' a smiley face [whose name is Ethel btw] and she got 'Love Life ' knuckle tatts.

That's the newest ink I got, bar that it's been about a year since I got summink done. I love tattoos, self expression, people can get to know you through 'em without you even havin' to say nought. Now, my hands say what my mind and mouth is always sayin...

x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

: Ciara turns me on. HOMO!

Hi guysss, I ain't blogged since March 28th and I sincerely apologise to those who cared, those who din't Hello Hi!

I know it's cliche to say 'I been sortin' out my life' or 'I'm back I been busy' but realistically, I have no excuse, I put myself on a bloggin' ban but I took myself off after I bashed 9times to 'Ciara - Ride' video.

I remember a couple months ago everyone was gaaan mad over the 'Rihanna - Rude Boy' video but that's died down and really and truly, Ciara excreted all over Rihanna and handed her a tissue to wipe herself off. Blaow!

I 'ave been up to a few bits and bobs and I am returnin' to bloggin' everyday like I used to so I hope you're happy and enjoy like you used to and if you never then I hope you BEGIN to enjoy. Oh yeah, the weather has been nice over the last couple days/week. Pretty!

I been writing, 'studying', WORKING [yup yup] and stuffsss. It's been fun, Ima share it with you over a period of time, gimme a second to get back into the jist of things though, yeah!? Yesh!? Safe.

[Anj hopes you've missed her 'cause she's missed doin' this]

Without any further or do, 'Ciara - Ride'. I dunno whether you seen it or not but if you don't leak from TWO places after watchin' this video, go clinic first thing 2mar and get a check up, SERIOUSLY!

I'm still about on Twitter too... FOLLOW ME if you ain't doin' so already... @Kitschai

x Love Life & Smile x