Wednesday, 21 April 2010

: Ciara turns me on. HOMO!

Hi guysss, I ain't blogged since March 28th and I sincerely apologise to those who cared, those who din't Hello Hi!

I know it's cliche to say 'I been sortin' out my life' or 'I'm back I been busy' but realistically, I have no excuse, I put myself on a bloggin' ban but I took myself off after I bashed 9times to 'Ciara - Ride' video.

I remember a couple months ago everyone was gaaan mad over the 'Rihanna - Rude Boy' video but that's died down and really and truly, Ciara excreted all over Rihanna and handed her a tissue to wipe herself off. Blaow!

I 'ave been up to a few bits and bobs and I am returnin' to bloggin' everyday like I used to so I hope you're happy and enjoy like you used to and if you never then I hope you BEGIN to enjoy. Oh yeah, the weather has been nice over the last couple days/week. Pretty!

I been writing, 'studying', WORKING [yup yup] and stuffsss. It's been fun, Ima share it with you over a period of time, gimme a second to get back into the jist of things though, yeah!? Yesh!? Safe.

[Anj hopes you've missed her 'cause she's missed doin' this]

Without any further or do, 'Ciara - Ride'. I dunno whether you seen it or not but if you don't leak from TWO places after watchin' this video, go clinic first thing 2mar and get a check up, SERIOUSLY!

I'm still about on Twitter too... FOLLOW ME if you ain't doin' so already... @Kitschai

x Love Life & Smile x

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