Friday, 23 April 2010

: The good die young...

23 year old Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun aka DaGrin lost his battle with life last night. He was in a car crash, had been in a coma for 7days but sadly, couldn't fight any longer.

Talented young rapper from Nigeria, his career had only FULLY begun to take off and he didn't even get a chance to enjoy his fame or fortune. I didn't know him personally but it's proper upsettin' man, so unfortunate.

May his soul rest in perfect peace, pray for his family and loved ones he left behind.

R.I.P Da Grin

Here is my favourite song of his, called 'Ghetto Dream'...

Tomorrow ain't promised, so while you're here, enjoy every single moment of it...

x Love Life & Smile x

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