Friday, 23 April 2010

: Hopes of Utopia

Here is one of the new pieces I wrote, like, 5days ago or summink. I did promise to be uploadin' videos n stuffsss, so you could get a better feel/vibe off me poetry but I haven't done so, PROMISE, by z end of next week I'll DEFO have up at least one video...

But until then, you'll have to give it a READ...

You know, it's like, when you lay on your back and your thoughts hit the ceiling, when a blank stare shares so much meaning, you're fiending, for answers to questions you can't construct, with no luck and no faith you pray but, to whom!?

Up and down, roller-coaster, helter skelter, trapped in a shelter, of doom. Hoping things'll change soon but knowing, nothing, thinking, of him, damn this, love thing, I've felt, such pain, trying to regain, restrain, myself, from it. Feels like the worlds on the opposing team and with no hope, it takes the lead. As I mourn, the piece of me which used to to be, but is no more, I gave my heart to the world and now it's left me scorned, my soul is torn and though it lives on, my body is dead, I feel no more.

It's like I'm in the back seat in the front row, dim lights, bright show. It's got to question time during meditation and I'm saying, I'm not playing anymore, this is no fun, this ignorance isn't bliss, this ignorance ain't as good as it gets, this ignorance isn't even ignorant, in fact, MY ignorance has been me, finger pointing and telling lies, crying wolf and getting, all involved in itself, in, MYself, and I know.

I been playing games, I been joining in the race I was warned not to run, I been joining in the chase for the face of the sun, for, a place with the like, this all just begun, like somebody in a body is gonna finally see who won. I mean, I been playing games, I been, overly interacting, telling who I am and seeing who agrees in this land of marketed belief and documented grief I been, I been getting carried away but this ain't my mission and this I know, I been living ahead of myself in the past tense, backward progression, but now I'm ready, I'm, ready for right now, I'm accountable for me, and one day you'll see...

x Love Life & Smile x

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