Sunday, 25 April 2010

: Love Life!

Here is a piece I wrote last week called 'Love Life'...I kinda wrote it as though I was talkin' about a boy or a lover, when in actual fact it's life I'm on about...Have a read!

He love like, He love LIKE...HE LOVE LIKE, special, like, oooh, like, aaah, like YES please. He love like tease, he love like healing, tender, nurture, He love like mother nature, beauty filled, like feature. He love like, teacher, delivers like preacher, touching the soul, like glo, He love like redemption, He love truer than a pension, He love like perfection, like right, like light, like heat, He loves like sun, like moon, He love like water, He love like surface, reflection, He love like purpose, He love like prediction, like prophecy, like vision...

He love like religion, giving you ground and, keeping you stationed. He love like root, like binding, like perfect timing, like, on and off and, tick and tock, He love like moments, open to possibilities, open to probabilities, He love like, community, like care, like hug, like kiss, He love like this, He love like bliss, like memories you can't forget, like even better yet.

He loves like how, loving should be, He loves like comfort, and it takes no effort, it's how he is, he loves 'cause love keeps him alive, He loves like pride, He loves me from the inside, my love for him I'll never hide, lovin' him 'til the day I die, I, I Love Life...

Hope you liked it. =D

x Love Life & Smile x

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