Friday, 29 October 2010

: Sun.Set.

First image taken on my recently purchased iPhone4 [which may I say caused me HELL for the first 24hrs of ownage, but now, I love]

x Love.Life.&.Smile. x

: The.Thing.With.No.Title.

I wrote this like, 2weeks ago, I'm currently facing these emotions and thoughts, let me be honest. Tryna get out of it but hey, we're young, we learn from our 'mistakes'.

Tell me what you think...

You gave me all the right signs yet we're headed in the wrong direction, and it's, not only when we make love, that we need to use protection. My heart needs it, from you. My eyes need it, from her. My ears need it, from them 'cause I can't pretend as though I don't know we're headed in the wrong direction.

They say that you're no good for me but, you're so good to me and I wanna make 'em see, that, your smile is what makes my soul happy but, you also make my heart frown. This feels so right yet we're headed in the wrong direction.
The sometimes lover, the deep emotions undercover, not allowing passion to flow through one another, in public. Just in case of what they think, just in case they judge this Untitled emotion of ours, devours the purity in it. Makes me no longer want to be, in this, wrong direction.

It's taken a turn for the worse and feeling as though my heart might burst due to the intensity of this, this, joy that you give me, this pain that you bring me, this spell you've cast upon me, the control you've gained of me, a grip that's captured the soul of me, the whole of me.

So maybe we're headed in the right direction, there's no need for a love suspension, keeping you is my only intention. You're like my saddest joy, an inaudible symphony, I owe you nothing yet, you deserve everything. This bitter sweet song my soul will sing, with such effection, forever, as our hearts lead us to a fatal bliss, as our spirits the wrong direction.

x Love.Life.And.Smile. x

: A.R.T.

ART - The production of something beautiful or extroadinary. Self expression is just that, we're ALL, modern art!

A few photos of my Omelette Du Fromage, my best friend and my 'lover'. Taken whilst messin' around on a few random days. Amazing!

Check her Tumblr out HERE

x Love.Life.And.Smile. x

: Back.Like.I.Never.Left.

Hey, it's me. YeaH, pick your jaw up from off the floor, I'm back alright. I ain't blogged since APRIL, feels like FOREVER. I gots NO excuse as to why I stopped bloggin' but, I do gots a reason for why I came back...I missed it. So, this is an introduction to some and a re-introduction to others. I'm Andrea Ushedo and, this is my blog.

I'm gonna switch it up a bit, the content may vary, this blog USE to be called 'Stars In Their Eyes' now it's called 'Music.Love.Clothes.Ink.Booze.' basically because that's what my life revolves around so that's what will be spilling out from every direction on this page.

I'm a Fashion Student, I write Poetry, I [JUST GOT A JOB IN] TopShop, part-time, when I'm not studying or workin' I'm Music.Love.Clothes.Ink.Booze.'in my life away. Simple as A,B,C...

That's the basics, everything else shall follow. [Re-]Welcome!

x Love.Life.And.Smile. x