Friday, 29 October 2010

: Back.Like.I.Never.Left.

Hey, it's me. YeaH, pick your jaw up from off the floor, I'm back alright. I ain't blogged since APRIL, feels like FOREVER. I gots NO excuse as to why I stopped bloggin' but, I do gots a reason for why I came back...I missed it. So, this is an introduction to some and a re-introduction to others. I'm Andrea Ushedo and, this is my blog.

I'm gonna switch it up a bit, the content may vary, this blog USE to be called 'Stars In Their Eyes' now it's called 'Music.Love.Clothes.Ink.Booze.' basically because that's what my life revolves around so that's what will be spilling out from every direction on this page.

I'm a Fashion Student, I write Poetry, I [JUST GOT A JOB IN] TopShop, part-time, when I'm not studying or workin' I'm Music.Love.Clothes.Ink.Booze.'in my life away. Simple as A,B,C...

That's the basics, everything else shall follow. [Re-]Welcome!

x Love.Life.And.Smile. x

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