Tuesday, 30 November 2010

: I.Dunno...

I once thought I was cute, no, nobody had to tell me I wasn’t, but the lack of people tellin’ me I am is what put my confidence on mute. I’ve never been pretty, but I’m pretty witty so I get along with guys, though they never seem to see past my, hard exterior. Sometimes I tried to be, that, beautiful girl that guys adored and girls envy. That beautiful girl with a graceful walk, soft spoken talk, sexy eyes and killer thighs. That, BEAUTIFUL girl who had, not a care in the world ‘cause she got everything she ever dreamed of, never lacked love, always smilin’ ‘cause the world was her island. Never fittin’ in, constantly standin’ out, for the wrong reasons, I’m fiendin’ for, belongingness, that, ain’t even a word but it describes what I’m longin’ for, what I adore, what’s never in store, for me. Sold out, sell out, wanna break out this cage I’ve locked myself in, wanna release the Andrea within but, I’m lazy. It’s crazy. So sometimes I randomly think about how I wish I was this and wish things were like that, but, yeah this poems crap, can’t bothered to finish it.


Sunday, 28 November 2010


There's nought much to say along wi'this picture other than, I finally got my tattoo of a sexy Geisha on my forearm yesterday. She's amazing. I LOVE her! Her name is...Bonita. :-D


Thursday, 25 November 2010


Helped out an old friend and former boss with two shoots and studio clear up this week, the amazing CassettePlaya. GoodTimes! Whilst I was there I got a sneak peak at her SS11 collection! :-O

Took a few pictures to share with you guys...

Ha! My shoe got caught in that last snap.

That's a part of the collection, amazing right!? FunTimes...

Any info you might require, click HERE to go onto her website.



I wrote this piece this evening, it's short and straight to the point, I wrote it about a beautiful person in my life who is VERY special to me, emotions that I'm currently facing. Sometimes, you shouldn't act out on everything you feel, sometimes you should let the feelings fade, as newer, better ones may burst through.

I wrote it whilst listenin' to 'Trey Songz - Hollalude' I was gaaan to make a video, but I got really shy and din't wanna post it, sowwe guysss. But yeah, listen to the instrumental and flow with it if you want, hope you like it.

The closer we get, the more I forget, that we’re not in love with each other. The further apart we get, the more I regret, pushing you away as a result of my, emotional immaturity. The purity within us was mistaken, now it’s taken, a turn for the worse, wishin’ time could reimburse me with moments spent with you, moments when my thoughts were true, back to my emotion filled sanctitude. Learnin’ to love you with my eyes closed, teachin’ my heart to know, more than the visual, teachin’ my heart that not only on the outside are you beautiful, longin’ to be with you, not with you, with you, but with you, as in, us, together, not as a couple but for a couple of minutes so I could explain the unexplainable, so I could show you, what your presence does to my eyes, to my smile, place your palm on my chest, see what your presence does to my rhythm, dancin’ to the beat of our…whatever it is, not puttin’ a title on this, makes it, one in a million.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

: Paramore.

Ok, my most favourite band in the WORLD is Paramore, on Monday, me and my best mate headed off to their concert at the o2!

We were excited as heccckk! Got there, was gonna buy their tour dates Tee, discovered it was £30 and passed on the idea. Got upstairs...

Food and cider, a girls dream!

Supporting acts were F.U.N and B.o.B [no I did not notice the similarities between the way their names are written until just now] It was B.o.B's birthday too, only 22. Both acts were amazing!


Amazing night!

Excuse the not so great pictures but Shimasu [my SLR] was taken off me at the arena doors.

Nonetheless it was magical! :-)


Tuesday, 16 November 2010



Sunday, 7 November 2010


Yes, yes it hurt. Not my most painful but, the pain, scale of 1-10? ...7!



I've noticed how I tend to take pictures of myself from high angles, mostly aiming the camera from my chest down to my toes. It kinda shows my outfit in an interesting way, so when I randomly do take the pics, Ima post 'em up on here. I din't get up to much this weekend but, here's my days wrapped up, from a birds eye view...






Finished work late so the Christmas lights in Central London were turned on. Pretty!