Thursday, 25 November 2010


I wrote this piece this evening, it's short and straight to the point, I wrote it about a beautiful person in my life who is VERY special to me, emotions that I'm currently facing. Sometimes, you shouldn't act out on everything you feel, sometimes you should let the feelings fade, as newer, better ones may burst through.

I wrote it whilst listenin' to 'Trey Songz - Hollalude' I was gaaan to make a video, but I got really shy and din't wanna post it, sowwe guysss. But yeah, listen to the instrumental and flow with it if you want, hope you like it.

The closer we get, the more I forget, that we’re not in love with each other. The further apart we get, the more I regret, pushing you away as a result of my, emotional immaturity. The purity within us was mistaken, now it’s taken, a turn for the worse, wishin’ time could reimburse me with moments spent with you, moments when my thoughts were true, back to my emotion filled sanctitude. Learnin’ to love you with my eyes closed, teachin’ my heart to know, more than the visual, teachin’ my heart that not only on the outside are you beautiful, longin’ to be with you, not with you, with you, but with you, as in, us, together, not as a couple but for a couple of minutes so I could explain the unexplainable, so I could show you, what your presence does to my eyes, to my smile, place your palm on my chest, see what your presence does to my rhythm, dancin’ to the beat of our…whatever it is, not puttin’ a title on this, makes it, one in a million.


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