Tuesday, 30 November 2010

: I.Dunno...

I once thought I was cute, no, nobody had to tell me I wasn’t, but the lack of people tellin’ me I am is what put my confidence on mute. I’ve never been pretty, but I’m pretty witty so I get along with guys, though they never seem to see past my, hard exterior. Sometimes I tried to be, that, beautiful girl that guys adored and girls envy. That beautiful girl with a graceful walk, soft spoken talk, sexy eyes and killer thighs. That, BEAUTIFUL girl who had, not a care in the world ‘cause she got everything she ever dreamed of, never lacked love, always smilin’ ‘cause the world was her island. Never fittin’ in, constantly standin’ out, for the wrong reasons, I’m fiendin’ for, belongingness, that, ain’t even a word but it describes what I’m longin’ for, what I adore, what’s never in store, for me. Sold out, sell out, wanna break out this cage I’ve locked myself in, wanna release the Andrea within but, I’m lazy. It’s crazy. So sometimes I randomly think about how I wish I was this and wish things were like that, but, yeah this poems crap, can’t bothered to finish it.



  1. *cries* your beautiful, joor. x

  2. That was beautiful and u shud finish it asap. Your talented and its mad hw much i can relate. I also think u shud pray, prayer is the key. x

  3. i think you're beautiful. don't put yourself down, please.