Wednesday, 23 March 2011

: Kitschai.Sale.

I'm havin' a yard sale at my place this Saturday from 2pm guys. Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewellery, Oxygen, etc...Come for a rummage and a good time.

Message me for more info [such as address]

Sunday, 23 January 2011

: Boredom in a Motel dress...

I bought this Motel dress off ASOS like 3weeks ago, to wear it to a specific event, but when the time came, I decided against wearin' it...I din't return it 'cause I like it but...I don't ever really dress 'girly' so to speak so where I'd wear it to is beyond me. It's quite a popular dress, if you're a girl, readin' this, you probably have it. Worth the buy! :-)

I had a go at tryna do a sexy, gangster, mysterious look. Ha!


: Inkspiration

Got a new tattoo on my arm last week, a character called Nel Tu, from 'Bleach' and below that image is a picture I took of myself after I just come out the shower...LoL! Ink is my way of expressing myself, I know that must sound so cliche but, it's just the truth.


Friday, 14 January 2011

: Salvador Dali

Today I got my first piece of Ink in TWO MONTHS, that is quite some time for me, I'm a fiend. I've always had love for the genius Salvador Dali so I decided to get one of his murals on my thigh, I love it.

I'm so happy with this, sowwe, you'll have to twist your neck 90degrees ANTI to get a better glimpse. I'll take another picture when it's healed and the swelling goes down, just thought I'd take one quick flick to show you. Sowwe for the rubbish angle! :-P

Anywhooo, I'm off to bed 'cause I got another Ink appointment 2mar at noon, hehe, I'll show/tell you more once it's done.

Nyt beautiful souls.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

: TaiDini

Ever since I got Shimasu [my SLR] I been fallin' in love with photography, FASHION photography, more and more, it's been about 2/3 months I've had her and I been takin' pictures nearly everyday, teachin' myself new things and tryna improve my knowledge. I did a little style based test shoot, my FIRST one ever, wi'my mate Tai @Taidini the other day, here are a few flicks from the day...


Overall, the outfits/looks we tried to go for were Casual, Formal, Winter WonderLand, just basic outfits with edge and A LOT of personal style, designers included in the style shoot range from Marc Jacobs to Christian Louboutin, YSL, Raf Simmons, Barbour, Clae and a few others...Follow him on Twitter, young product designer with pizazz!

All of these pictures are unedited too, I'm still tryna become a Wiz on ye ol' PhotoShot! If anyone has some knowledge to share or advice for me, I'm always willing to learn new things, muchos love-os! ^__^


: Wonderful Surprise!

The other day I woke up to a package, with an anonymous sender, by the envelope I could see it was from Amazon, I opened it up and it was a book I had been previously discussin' with my older cousin Kelvin...called 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind' by Dr.Joseph Murphy. We were just talkin' about it, I had NO idea he was gonna get it for me, the reviews on this guide are AMAZING! I've started reading it and so far, so intriguing, I'd advise you all to get a copy, it's also available in WaterStones.

If you're a thinker, this is the kind of mind exercise you need.

I'll post a Kitschai review on it as soon as I'm done reading it...If you've read or heard about it, share your thoughts, I'd like to know.


: iWrite by Andrea Ushedo

: Hey beautiful souls, I hope you haven't forgotten about my group page on FaceBook, please join, comment, share, tell your next-door neighbors, Uncles, cousins, nephews goldfish about it too. Regular updates, discussions, videos and any upcoming shows I may have are to be posted up on there, thank you for all the love received so far.x

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